How is TMD Treated in our center

Treatment will depend on the diagnosis of dysfunction and site of injury(ies) that is causing the ongoing inflammation and upsetting the proper functioning of the central nervous system (brain). In a nut shell, we see chronic TMD as a multi-factorial inflammatory (injury) and neurological (control) disorder. Our comprehensive examination allows us to make, as accurate as possible, a working diagnosis to locate the areas of major body injury. We then decompress the TMJ with various designs of oral appliances to address the TMJ orthopedic pathology and remove peripheral inflammatory inputs from the body to the central nervous system (the brain). The result of the treatment is any central nervous system sensitization will be lessened and eventually removed.

We use:

  • Oral appliances (orthotics)
  • Soft and healthy diet
  • Short term medication
  • Nasal spray therapy
  • Cold light (lasers) therapy
  • Infra red therapy
  • Ultra-sound therapy
  • Cold spray and stretch therapy
  • Moist heat
  • Trigger point injection
  • Prolo therapy
  • Manual therapy and home exercises
  • Education and postural re-training
  • Referral to other professional healthcare providers

The following video will give you insight in the treatment of TMD in our center.