TMJ Clicking and Popping

This early sign of TMJ disorder is most common. Treatment for this condition is more for prevention and is based on the judgment and philosophy each clinician subscribes to. Many dentists do not treat unless there is pain or difficulty in opening or closing of the mouth. For some cases, a simple night guard will be used to help lessen the sound of clicking or to prevent further TMJ injury. In fact, most patients and clinicians might choose to do nothing until pain or interruption of normal mouth opening occurs.

Our Centre’s belief is that a protective night guard made by the patient’s own dentist at this time will prevent extra premature teeth wear from grinding and worsening of the TMJ. The reason for this thought lies in our understanding that many of the patients referred to see us often noted that they have had jaw joint clicking and popping for some time previous to their visit. Their pain and disorder becomes worse after actions similar to the following: eating hard food, coughing, vomiting, opening mouth wide for too long and after head and neck trauma.