Depending on the nature and severity of the problem, the dentist might order specific imaging for the evaluation of hard tissues. Our office uses the state of the art imaging modality: Conebeam CT.


CBCT stands for Conebeam Computed Tomography; in layman’s terms, a CBCT is a compact, faster and safer version of a medical grade CT. Through the use of a cone shaped X-Ray beam, the sized of the scanner, radiation dosage and the time needed for scanning are dramatically reduced. The time needed for a full scan is typically under 20 seconds and the radiation dosage is up to a hundred times less than that of a regular medical CT scanner. There are many applications for using the CBCT in dentistry. CBCT will show excellent images of hard tissues (bone and teeth) however it will not show soft-tissues like cartilage, ligaments and muscles.

Radiation dosage CBCT

CBCT uses  quite less radiation than the conventional medical CT. More information can be found on this website: Radiation Dosage CBCT

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